CAD 2D/3D Renderings & 3D Site Animations

Sample 3D Animation  Sample 2D Rendering  Sample 3D Rendering  Sample GIS Exhibit

TSS can provide clients with the standard 2D exhibits and site renderings typically used for presentations at Township Meetings, Board Meetings, and internal project meetings. We can create Color Site renderings form our drawings, GIS data, Aerial Imagery. Click the sample 2D and GIS links above for samples.

TSS drafts Civil Site designs utilizing the BIM Model Process. With the 3D BIM Model CAD drawings in combination with our Architectural Partners (for 3D Building) and Site Video Partner (For Drone Flight Videos) we can create static 3D site Renderings and 3D Videos from our CAD Drawings. Click on the Links above for Samples.

BIM (Building Information Model) Lifecycle:

Utilizing AutoCAD Civil 3D, TSS builds a True 3D model of a project site which is used as part of a shared knowledge resource between Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Owners and Contractors. The resulting BIM Model becomes a shared knowledge resource supporting decision-making about a facility from the earliest conceptual stages, through design and construction.